Promain Spec Ltd

Property maintenance services based in Grays, Essex

Promain Spec Ltd is proud to provide a vast assortment of property maintenance services. Based in Grays, Essex and covering the whole of Essex, Kent, London & Surrey our reputable home improvement company works tirelessly to make elevating the appearance and practicality of your home an effortless, enjoyable experience. 

The following services are all carried out by our team of dedicated, friendly professionals:



•Garden Maintenance

•Painting & Decorating



•Rubbish Removal 


Our customers depend on the outstanding services we provide. Fast, approachable, and reliable, we take pride in building lasting relationships with each and every one of our customers. What’s more, we thank our loyal clients with attractive loyalty reward schemes. 

Honest and upfront, we are transparent about pricing while working to ensure that our clients receive the best possible value for money. Working closely with you, we’ll make sure that you have a total understanding of each project to avoid confusion or disappointment down the line. All of our tradespeople possess a minimum of six years’ experience.


About Us

Based in Grays, Essex

We are happy to take on work covering Essex, Kent & London.

Comprehensive range of professional services

Our team are dedicated to carrying out a range of services including Carpentry, Electrical, Garden Maintenance, Painting & Decorating, Plastering, Plumbing, Rubbish Removal & Tiling

Honest and upfront

We are transparent about pricing while working to ensure that our clients receive the best possible value for money.

Promain Spec Ltd


Years of Experience






Waste recycled

Carl Bossley

Carl Bossley


Having a very strong background in Plumbing, Carl has worked for some of the very best companies in the trade. Working his way up through the ranks and from Company to Company, Carl felt that he was in the right frame of mind to form/ run his own Property Maintenance/ Plumbing company.

Daniel Laurent

Daniel Laurent


Boasting a wide amount of experience selling property, Daniel took a 180 degree turn and decided that he wanted to contribute towards maintaining them. Now a Qualified Domestic Electrical Installer, he has a great amount of knowledge in all areas of Property Maintenance.

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